Who is Joe Boentoe?

It Is Not So Complicated.. Really!

Everything About Joeboentoe

Joeboentoe is a non-profit foundation from Holland. Our board consists of three members; two of the members of the board work voluntarily, one works in Uganda and receives an expense allowance. And no, nobody is called Joe Boentoe. Okay, maybe we should first explain our name.. But then, please meet our team!

Joeboentoe is derived from Ubuntu

The word Ubuntu can best be explained with a short story about an anthropologist conducting research and a group of African children. The anthropologist lives with a local tribe and one day he comes up with a game for the children. He collects them all, points to a tree and says: “I placed a large bag of candy there, whoever gets there first can have all the candy!”

To his surprise, he sees the children grab each other’s hands and together they walk slowly to the tree. When they arrive at the tree, they sit in a circle and share all the candy. Suprised, the anthropologist asks the children why no one started running to have the candy all for themselves, a girl replies;

‘How can I be happy if everyone else is sad?’

Now Meet The Team!

  • Esther Cup
    Esther Cup Secretary
  • Thijs Brehmer
    Thijs Brehmer Founder
  • Merijn Rutgers
    Merijn Rutgers Treasurer

A Roadmap Of Where We Are (Going)


Our mission is to help as many people as possible in developing countries and to accompany volunteers at the lowest possible cost. In addition, we help people with their own projects who can use our help and we support people with smart ideas in their projects.


Our vision focuses on expanding Joeboentoe to other developing countries. It is our dream that we will jointly look for ways in which we can solve current problems and prevent potential problems. Dare to dream big!


How are we going to do this? That is simple. Over time, more people will see that only cooperation will lead to solutions!

Do you like the way we think? Then join us on our adventure!

Now you know where we are going but it might also be interesting to see where we come from. Financially we mean. We believe a non-profit should be as transparent as possible and that is why we collected all the interesting financial data and copy-pasted it on our website. Just like that! I knew all my years spend studying economics would come in handy one day!

Just click on one of the boxes below to see the financial data for that year.

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