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What Is The Objective?

Clean and healthy food on the table, that is the magic of aquaponics. By creating an integrated agricultural system that grows both nutritious fish and wholesome vegetables and fruits we produce wares we sell to restaurants and projects in Masaka, the profits of which go to humanitarian aid for local communities.

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Healthy Food That Feeds Twice

Co-Creating Wholesome Produce & Raising Money For Charity

The Aquaponics Cycle Explained

At its core aquaponics is a closed system that solves many issues known to other techniques. With aquaponics you can cultivate fish (aquaculture) and plants (hydroponics) side by side. This is done by employing purely natural tricks, by which you create a mutually beneficial loop.

  • Fish produce waste

    By feeding the fish quality food we grow great fish, who produce organic waste.

  • Microbes convert waste to fertiliser

    Bacteria convert the ammonia in the waste into life-giving nitrates, which the plants use to grow.

  • Plants filter the water

    The plants act as a natural filter and clean the water so it can return to the fish tank.

The 3 Most Important Benefits

All Organic

No pesticides or herbicides are necessary! That means healthy fish, fruits and vegetables and no pollution.

High Profits

This system is very profitable because there is no need for pesticides, herbicides or a lot of water. This makes it perfect for a self sustaining social project.

Water Usage

The aquaponics method uses only about ten % water compared to regular agriculture.

The Last & Most Important Part

With aquaponics we will be growing drug-free fish and produce without pesticide. A real treat for everyone who cares about their food. We sell the fish and food to local restaurants and consumers who value the quality of our organic products.

Aside from a self-sustaining system, the revenue from sales will create a profitable system that Joeboentoe is going to use to give back to the community. We want to keep the definition of helping as broad as possible. It might mean starting a separate social project to give more local people a stable income. It might mean employing local people with a handicap or paying school fees for children.

This means our food will, by being sold and eaten, create opportunities to help people in need. Furthermore we will invite local farmers to our project to share our knowledge.

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