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organic chicken uganda
1 January , 1970

Organic Eggs Project

In 2022 we want to start with a small-scale organic chicken project. As in many countries Uganda is very tempted to go for large scale chicken farming not knowing it comes with many problems. Many chicken stuffed in cages close together, not seeing any daylight is not only a depressing thought, it's also very unhealthy.

Chicken that live that demeaning life get sick easily so they use many medicines to keep them from dying. If we focus on the food the chicken consume we see the next problem; it is sub-par compared to what they normally eat. A chicken has to spend a lot of time outside to look for small bugs, seeds and other food items. All of this relates to the quality of the eggs and we believe there is a market for these healthy eggs.

Fundraising for the people and causes

An organic chicken eggs project is not very expensive; € 2.000 is enough to start a simple project. This capital ensures that we can employ one staff member for a year and build a simple house for the chicken to sleep in. During the day they will do what they like to do; rummage around for food! A happy chicken will lay healthy eggs!

Our aim is to be profitable within a year so we can expand and employ more staff members.

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