Eco Brixs

A Closed-loop Recycling Programme

Masaka Recycling Initiative

Back in 2016 Joeboentoe helped start up the Masaka Recycling Initiative and ever since we have been proud supporters of this very important project. If you have ever been to Uganda, you will know why; plastic bottles and bags are everywhere! And worse, there is no proper waste management system so almost all (90%) of the plastic waste goes to landfills or is burned in the back garden.

During the initial years the project transported the plastic to Kampala from where it eventually ended up in India or China to be recycled. Even though this is better than burning the plastic, it is still not very sustainable and environment friendly. Something had to change..

Eco Brixs

After months of research they came up with an innovative plastic-sand composite paver they can produce on-site and sell on the local market! This new approach meant the old project had to change; Eco Brixs was born.

The Most Important Stats

Kilos Plastic Recycled
Dollar Invested In Local Community
Recycling Centre

A Short Story About Eco Brixs

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