About us

Joeboentoe is a Dutch non-profit foundation founded in 2016. The name (pronounce as 'Ju-bun-tu') is derived from the African word ubuntu which can be translated as 'unity', 'humanity' or 'I am because we are'.

The word Ubuntu is best explained with a short story about an anthropologist and a group of children. The anthropologist conducts research in remote Africa and is a guest at a tribe. One day he devises a game for the children. He collects all the children, points to a tree and says: "There is a big bag of candy there, whoever has the bag first may have all the candy." To his surprise, he sees that the children grab each other's hand and walk quietly to the tree. When they arrive at the tree they sit in a circle and distribute the candy. When asked why nobody would run to have the candy for themselves, a girl replies;

How can I be happy if everybody else is sad..?