Our Uganda Team


Thijs Joeboentoe Uganda

Thijs has been to Uganda several times and has explored the country in detail. In 2014 he came for the first time and that was when he realized that volunteers needed a real non-profit initiative. He himself was confronted with the enormous amounts you have to pay for volunteering  and this made him decide to start a project on his own initiative. In 2016 Esther and Merijn joined and together they founded Joeboentoe.


Paul Joeboentoe Uganda

Paul is born and raised in Uganda. He obtained a diploma from the Social Work program at the Nsamizi Training Institute of Social Development. Paul has experience in coordinating projects and is a very nice, smart and cooperative partner. At the social level, an real peoples person and the perfect bridge between volunteers and the local population.

Ft. James

Father James Ssendigi Masaka Parish

A good friend and partner in the field of volunteering and development work. Together we have (partly) the same goals of which the most important is; improving the living conditions of the local people. It does not matter whether someone is Christian, Muslim or agnostic.