What is Joeboentoe?

‘Joeboentoe (pronounce as 'Ju-bun-tu') is a non-profit foundation with a different way of looking at volunteering and projects in third world countries.’

A different way of looking; what do we mean by that? The meaning of ubuntu (the origin of the name Joeboentoe) is unity and this is what we strive for. Bringing people together to enrich each other in the many ways possible. We are a religious organisation; our aim is to connect to all that is. Our partnership with the Catholic Church in Uganda is a way of making that possible. 


When you volunteer with Joeboentoe the focus is not on making money; you only pay about 500 euros a month and most probably you will get a part back at the end of the year. Furthermore, during your stay you are lovingly accepted in a Ugandan family, giving you a rare and unique insight in their culture and vice versa.


Ubuntu or unity is also the inspiration for our other activity; projects in developing countries (starting with Uganda). We provide people with a good project idea a platform (our website) to get attention, funding and volunteers. We know from experience how difficult it is to successfully accomplish a project in a country like Uganda. We have a big network and together (Joeboentoe, our local partners, sponsors and volunteers) we can make sure the project is successful. We focus on meaningful projects with a positive view and perspective and in every case we ask each other and ourselves; what can we do to improve the environment or someones life?


Our mission is to help as many people as possible in developing countries and to accompany volunteers at the lowest possible cost. In addition, we help people with their own projects who can use our help and we support people with smart ideas in their projects.


Our vision focuses on expanding Joeboentoe to other developing countries. It is our dream that we will jointly look for ways in which we can solve current problems and prevent potential problems. Dare to dream big!


How are we going to do this? That is simple. Over time, more people will see that only cooperation will lead to solutions!

Well.. That is Joeboentoe. For now.