The Costs of Volunteering

What are the costs of volunteering?

The costs depend on your choice. We offer you the opportunity to stay (alone or with a friend/other volunteer) with a local family (recommended!) Or you can stay with other volunteers in the Joeboentehuis. In addition, it is also possible to organize your time yourself for a week or a part of a week, to visit Uganda or to go on safari.

Costs 2019

Accommodation 4 weeks 8 weeks 12 weeks 16 weeks 20 weeks
A local family € 499 € 899 € 1.299 € 1.649 € 1.999
Joeboentoehuis private room € 599 € 999 € 1.399 € 1.799 € 2.199
Joeboentoehuis shared room € 499 € 799 € 1.099 € 1.399 € 1.699


It is also possible to stay longer or shorter than the indicated weeks. The price is then calculated pro rata.

A local family

This is the most authentic way to get to know Uganda. Who can say that he / she has lived with a family in a developing country ?! You get to know the real Uganda, share in the cosiness of a Ugandan family and you help the family financially.

It is possible to stay with a family with a friend or other volunteer. Let us know and we will ensure that you are placed with the right family.

What can you expect? You get a decent room, a bed with a mosquito net, breakfast and dinner. You pay for your flight, visa, insurance, transport (from 0 to 3 euros per day), lunch and all extras such as snacks, soft drinks, bottles of water etc.

The Joeboentoe house

The Joeboente House is your home away from home. This well-kept house with a large garden you share with other volunteers and one or more employees of Joeboentoe. There is a shared living room and bathroom and you have your own bedroom where of course a mosquito net is present.

Included is your accommodation. Not included: Flight, visa and insurance, your transport during your stay and drinks. Food is bought and prepared together.

Pay less or maybe even nothing?

We believe that someone who wants to do voluntary work should never be restricted by money. For that reason we operate as a foundation as efficiently as possible. We are non-profit and distribute the profits after each year; 1/3 goes to the reserve, 1/3 to a project and 1/3 flows back to the volunteers. At this moment Joeboentoe is already one of the cheapest ways to volunteer, with your help it can be even cheaper! Do you think friends and family share this idea? Then share our website on social media and ask them to support Joeboentoe with a donation!


Combine your stay with a safari

You might associate Safari with something decadent, but of course is does not have to be like this. We organize safaris with small and local tour operators where the proceeds flowing directly back into the local economy. The entrance fee that you pay at a National Park benefits the maintenance of the park. Not only is it possible in this way to see the beautiful nature of Uganda at low cost; the money you spend even helps the local economy.

Joeboentoe offers volunteers the opportunity to go on safari with other volunteers in every last week of the month and during the school holidays. The school holidays in Uganda are from mid-April to mid-May, mid-August to mid-September and mid-December to mid-January.

Safari Vrijwilligerswerk

Where can you go? Near Masaka is the beautiful park Lake Mburo where you can do a lot of different things. As you can see from the name, there is a lake where you can take a boat trip. That way you might see, if you are lucky, all kinds of birds (such as the osprey and various kingfishers), hippos and crocodiles. But, you can also drive through the National Park with a car, take a walk with a guide or explore the park with a mountain bike. A little further away are the best-known parks; Queen Elizabeth, Murchison Falls and a lot further away is Kidepo.

We think it is a shame to come all the way to the pearl of Africa and miss out on the beauty of nature in its full splendor. It is a very special feeling to see a group of elephants, see lions chasing or to look at the beautiful way in which giraffes walk.