General Information

Our local team

A Dutch employee of Joeboentoe lives in Masaka and is available 24/7. Next to him there is a local partner who started a non-profit Community Based Organization called Paul. And finally; Father James. He is a friend / partner of Joeboentoe with whom we pursue the same goals. Thanks to their local roots we can show you the real Uganda.

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Is it safe in Uganda? Nowhere is it 100% safe, even in your own city. Uganda is in some places (such as in the capital Kampala) certainly a lot less safe than an average Dutch city but in general it is a very safe country. Despite the poverty, theft is something that is relatively rare. The majority of the population is very religious and even without this religious aspect; the average Ugandan is very loving.

Through our cooperation with Father James and the Catholic Church (no less than 85% of the population is Christian) we can ensure that you are as safe as possible. Together we have selected families where you can stay (possibly with a co-volunteer).

There is also the possibility to stay in the Joeboentoe House. This house is walled in and at night there is always a Joeboentoe employee present. Other aspects of safety have to do with your insurance and vaccinations. Read more about these topics.


Depending on your wishes, there are two ways to make the long journey of 200 km from Entebbe airport to Masaka. The cheapest and most authentic way is by public transport. An employee of Joeboentoe is ready at the airport and together you take the bus. Depending on your arrival time this can be from 15 euros.

Kampala Taxi

The taxipark in Kampala

Another option is that a Joeboentoe employee will pick you up with a car. This is somewhat more expensive (about 50 euros) but a lot more relaxing. When you arrive with 3 or 4 people at the same time, this is the most logical option, unless you would like to use public transport of course.


There are a number of locations close to Masaka that are perfect for a weekend trip. You can go to Lake Mburo, the Ssese Islands or to Kampala. Depending on the group you can do this with a Jeep or a van (possibly with a driver). A trip to the Ssese Islands is fun to do with the bike; from Masaka it only takes an hour of driving to arrive at a (free) ferry that takes you to the largest island. The motor is the perfect way to explore the island! We also arrange longer trips to National Park Kidepo Valley, Murchison Falls, Queen Elizabeth and many more beautiful places in Uganda.

Thijs, Paul & Jolanda

Our local team (and a volunteer)

During your stay you will make the most of a motorcycle taxi, the Bodaboda. This is Uganda's most common mode of transport, the easiest and cheapest way to get from point A to B.

Boda Boda Yamaha Crux

A bodaboda

Local food / Restaurants / Internet

There are a lot of nice restaurants where you can eat local dishes. It is very cheap and we find it very nice personally. At most restaurants you can choose from meat / fish / vegetarian, after which you can choose from (sweet) potato, pumpkin, posho (ground corn), beans, rice and some vegetables. Not everyone is equally satisfied with the taste of the local dishes but fortunately there are also a number of restaurants that offer Western dishes. In addition, in the Joeboento House you can cook anything you want! At the local market you can find plenty of fresh ingredients to prepare a delicious meal.

These restaurants generally also offer free Wi-Fi and in these places you will meet many (especially volunteers) people who want to have a nice chat, whatsap, skype etc.

Other activities

There are a lot of relaxed places in Masaka where you can spend an evening. Local restaurants like Grass Roots and Plot 99 are great places to relax for an evening, drink a Nile Special and play a game. They also organize nice evenings such as 'Open Mic Night' or 'Movie Night'. Playing pool billiards is extremely popular alongside English football and there are plenty of pool bars and sports bars in the center.