Insurance, Vaccination etc..


We would advise you to get travel insurance and check if it's allowed to do volunteer work. The rules are different for every country so our advise is; google it / ask your insurance company / post the question on facebook with the hashtag #your insurance company.


Yes... You need to get a VISA for your stay in Uganda and they have made the leap to the digital world! You can get your Visa online;

The visa costs as we speak $ 50,- (for a single-entry visa) and it is supposed to take only five days to process. That is, if you have uploaded all the right files and did not make any mistakes.. You need to upload the following documents;

  • a scan of your passport
  • your ticket (e-ticket with all the flight data)
  • a passport photo
  • a scan of the little booklet where you keep your vaccination data

If you apply, fill in the following;

  • Visa or permit: Visa
  • Category: Ordinary
  • Subcategory: Single Entry (unless you want to travel to Kenya, Rwanda besides Uganda. If that is the case, choose the East African Visa)


  • They want you to pay the fee with a credit card..
  • This system is not working flawless.. Just to be sure, take $ 50 in bills that are issued after 2006 with you, in that case you are able to pay at the airport (if they still allow it).
  • Do not apply for a Visa or book a flight before we have sent you our final confirmation of your stay!! 


Maybe this is something that is pretty obvious, but the earlier you book your flight, the cheaper it is! Really.. So, apply now for your volunteer adventure in 2018! Or 2019.. 


Well.. This is a difficult one. We could advise you to vaccinate against everything, bring DEET with you and swallow pills every day so you wont get malaria. But we wont. Just google the risks and make your own choice. Depending on your country, some vaccinations are required and some are recommended. Choose wisely!

The thing we do advise you to bring with you is a natural (and deet free) mosquito repellent.