National Park Murchison Falls

National Park Murchison Falls

Murchison Falls, the name says it all. This park owes its name to the way the water from the Nile falls down in an incredibly spectacular way. The water pushes through an opening of about eight meters and then falls down 44 meters. It is difficult to comprehend, but 300 m3 per second falls down into a basin, which is also called 'Devil's Cauldron'.

Masaka to Murchison Falls National Park

General information

  • Size: 3,841 km2 (this is the largest national park in Uganda)
  • Altitude: 499 m - 1,291 m above sea level
  • About 78 mammal species and 452 bird species

The waterfall is also known under the name Kabalega Fall. Idi Amin changed the name of the waterfall in 1972 to honor Chwa II Kabalega. He was the ruler (Omukama) of the Bunyoro area.

Besides the beautiful waterfall there is of course much more to see in this park. There are several boat trips that you can take to spot hippos, crocodiles or the various birds. Explore the park with a 4wd jeep and you might see lions or leopards. There are a lot of elephants, giraffes and buffaloes in the park. So they are almost impossible to miss.

Photos and videos of Joeboentoe and her volunteers