We lowered the costs for volunteers!

To be right with the good news: thanks to a very friendly donor we have been able to lower the prices for volunteers even further! You can already come for a month for 499 euros!

Even cheaper?
Yes, it is our intention to make it even cheaper for volunteers, preferably even for free. That is the way it should work: you as a volunteer come to help a developing country to make life easier for people who have a hard time. The least we can do as a foundation is to ensure that there is a clean bed for you and that you are cooked for it.

Now, as a foundation, we also have costs, of course, but because we work differently than our colleagues, they are much lower. For example, we only work with local employees who earn a fraction of Dutch wages. In addition, we work with volunteers such as our secretary Esther and our treasurer Merijn.

Do you want to help reduce the costs for volunteers?
Then help us with donation! Because we are an ANBI foundation this donation can be deducted from the tax. The most advantageous is to make an annual donation that is set for five years. And because the rules are relaxed, no notary needs to be involved here: it can be done with the document that can be downloaded here on our website!

Do you volunteer with us or would you like to do that?
Share our website on Facebook or talk about it with your friends. Like our page, leave a positive Google review, follow us on Instagram and make sure we get more attention. Because our colleagues have been offering volunteer work for years, it is difficult to get to the first page of Google, but with your help it must be possible! Together we can ensure that volunteer work becomes what it should be in the first instance.

Click here for a one-time donation