The March update

It is already March and a lot has happened in recent months. We can proudly say that with our Masaka Recycling Initiative we have already taken more than 21 tons of plastic from the environment of Masaka and surroundings. That's more than 700,000 plastic bottles! We have already achieved a lot with the income from the sale; 8 orphans are now going to school and we have created more than 160 part-time jobs (in addition to the 4 permanent staff members)! In the video below you can see the project from the beginning to the present time. After all, images say more than words.

In order to be able to collect more plastic, we built our first 'satellite' collection point three weeks ago in the part of Masaka called Ssaza. Here the plastic is weighed and according to the weight the collector gets an x ​​amount. The plastic is then transported to our main location where we compress it into bales and transport it to Kampala for 10 tonnes per 10 tonnes.

Despite all successes, it is difficult to make a project like this financially self-reliant. Before you think that we are driving an expensive car from the revenue, this is not the case. All income directly benefits the local people who work for the project. There is no director, all employees earn a modal wage and Western employees do this voluntarily. It is therefore not the wage costs, it is mainly due to the selling price of the plastic. A major setback was there last year when China withdrew from the Ugandan plastic market. As a result, the price dropped by as much as 20% and since we can not pass this on to the collectors (the price is actually quite low), it means that we are currently losing a monthly loss of just over 100 euros. We are certain, however, that we can make this project self-reliant and as soon as we expand and collect plastic in other cities, the project will even make a profit! Although we do not like to ask for money... we would like to ask you for a small contribution. Not only do you ensure a cleaner environment, you also indirectly ensure that orphans can go to school, disabled people have an income and you will help lowering the costs for the volunteers. With Joeboentoe there is not a penny from the donation to marketing costs, Dutch managers, office costs, etc. All money goes directly to the project!

And even more good news, but only for people from Holland! We have recently been given the ANBI status which means that donations are deductible from the tax!