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The Organization

Joeboentoe is a ANBI certified foundation from the Netherlands. We operate as a non-profit and our main goal is to improve the lives of Ugandans with volunteers from all over the world. We focus on the more vulnerable in society and assist them with their education or business. 

We work as digital nomads (no offices) to make sure that almost 100 % of the money we receive, flows into the Ugandan economy. 

Social Projects & Volunteers

Joeboentoe hosts volunteers and interns at our socials projects, nursery/primary and secondary schools and in businesses and NGO’s. 

We start and manage small-scale social projects whereby we give ownership of the project to the Ugandans working at the project. We focus on the benefits to the community and the environment; it means we would never start a project that can have a negative impact on any of the two.



Our Board Members

We are the board members of Joeboentoe. Of the three, Thijs is working full-time in Uganda to oversee the volunteer program and to start and manage our social projects. 

Thijs Brehmer - Founder
Esther Roskam-Cup - Secretary
Merijn Rutgers - Treasurer

Financial Information

We are proud to show you our books! Okay, to be honest, it is mandatory if you want to be ANBI certified in the Netherlands. But even if we did not have to, we show the books to anyone who is interested.

2016  |   2017   |    2018   |    2019   |    2020   |  2021

We offer our services on a non-profit base because we want as little as possible to do with profit/marketing and so on. We do what we do because we want to, not to become rich. But, obviously, we will never say no when you want to help us with a donation. All donations are used to pay for our expenses and to start new social projects that benefit the people in Uganda.

Projects We Are Proud Of!

Of course, we are proud of all the projects we have started or collaborate with, but these two projects we want to give some extra attention!

Masaka Recycling Initiative

In 2017, we started the Masaka Recycling Initiative together with the Masaka Diocese. Thanks to this partnership, we were able to operate on land owned by the Diocese for free. 

To this day the project has recycled 514 tonnes of plastic which translates to 21,600,000 plastic bottles of 500 ml. There are now 59 community recycling centres in operation and the project creates an income for more than 3,000 people.

Instead of recycling, the project has shifted its operations to upcycling of different sorts of plastic, not only bottles. The products now produced are high quality poles for fencing, bricks and even furniture. 

Rakai Women Project

Ever since 2014, when we first started working in Uganda, we have supported a project for women in Rakai. The project was already operating for a few years, and they worked like this; every month the group would come together and each of the members would pay a small amount of money. With this money they buy for example plastic chairs that they rent out for public functions. 

We have helped this project with simple things like financial aid for a mushroom project, and together we have helped the community by providing them with soap and simple handwash installations during the Covid situation. 

It is great to see how a little support has made the lives of these women and their families so much better. They are able to provide the money for school fees, medical care and so much more by the additional money this project provides. The group consists of 20 members and in the picture you see our employee Paul on the right talking with some of the members and their husbands.

The People We Work With

Our Partners

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