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Skillswap In Uganda

Come to Uganda and use your experience to help people in need – with Joeboentoe’s Skillswap program you drive change by passing on your knowledge to eager locals. Share skills, teach, learn invaluable lessons, and work together to co-create change in a world that needs it.

​​​​Join us in reshaping the impact of volunteers. With Skillswap we don’t just ‘teach a man to fish’, we help a community to thrive.

Skillswapping In 10 Seconds

​Every human being wants to be useful, to feel like their actions matter. That is why Joeboentoe created Skillswap, because for every person with a sought-after skill there is someone willing to learn.

And we are here to connect them.

​​Skillswap is a new way of looking at an old problem. We believe it’s what volunteer work in Africa was meant to be: to exchange life-giving skills and co-create a continent to thrive on its own energy, passion and – most importantly – it’s own people. It is not about knowing better, but about creating worthwhile opportunities together.

​​You can join the Skillswap program by searching for the skills we are seeking, and join us in reshaping the impact one volunteer can have on the world.

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