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Give a man a fish..

We all know the saying of the fish and yes, we think it is very true. It is no use just shipping food to countries like Uganda and think that will solve the problems. Uganda has one of the youngest populations of the world and what they need is skills! There are many smart people who did not have the opportunity to go to school and they are stuck in a low-paying job. In turn they will have difficulty paying for their children’s tuition and so the cycle continues.

With Skillswap we can our part in breaking that cycle. There are a few versions of Skillswap but at the heart lies the same idea; bringing people together to learn from each other.

The Costs

When you come to Skillswap Volunteer you will only pay for expenses! We would love to pay for your accommodation and all your other expenses but… The simple truth is that we (at this moment) are not able to do that.

On the bright side; Uganda is a very cheap country! For approximately 75 to 100 dollars a month we rent a very nice and clean apartment for you. Besides your accommodation also the food and transport is very cheap so your expenses will be very low!

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