A Guilt Free Safari?

With Joeboentoe You Can!

A CO2 Neutral Social Safari

Have you always wanted to visit the mountain gorillas or see a lion in his natural habitat? But are you having second thoughts about the impact on the environment by flying? We found a way in which you and your loved ones can enjoy the beauty of Uganda without having to worry about CO2! And it gets better; you will be helping out people in need at the same time! How, you ask?

CO2 Neutral

Social Safari

How Do We Make It CO2 Neutral?

We calculate the amount of CO2 you emit during the whole of your trip (so your flight and the safari) and we compensate that by planting trees and recycling plastics from the environment. If you want, you can even come to the plastic recycling and tree planting project to help out!

What Do We Mean With ‘Social Safari’?

By Social we mean that you have the option to visit social projects in Uganda during your safari. We pay them for hosting us and in that way they become more sustainable! Even if you don’t want to visit any, the profit of the safari benefits our Agro Aquaponics project. It means you can enjoy the beauty of Uganda and at the same time you help us feeding orphans and street children. That is very nice to realise, right!


What are the options?

Mountain Gorillas, Lions, Chimpanzees And Cheetahs?

If you already have a wish list of animals you would like to see; great! If you already know which parks you want to visit; even better! Just scroll down, mark all the animals that you want to see during your trip and with that information we will send you a proposal. Keep in mind that we are not going to a zoo; there is never a guarantee that you will see a specific animal. We can take you to the places where the chances are the highest!

Welcome to the start of your adventure!

Here we are; a few clicks away from your unique tailor-made safari. It is our aim to give you the experience of a lifetime but to do that we need to know a little bit more about you. Just mark the options that you find interesting and we will send you a proposal for a safari experience of a lifetime!

If you have totally no idea what you want to see and where you want to go; no problem.. Just fill in the duration & the size of the group and you will receive three Safari packages that have proven to be very popular.

  • Animals

    If possible, what are the animals you would really like to see?

  • National Parks

    Are there specific National Parks that you want to visit?

  • Cities / Islands

    There is more to Uganda than the wildlife!

  • Social Projects

    Tell us if you want to visit a social project with us.

  • Duration

    And lastly, how long do you want your adventure to last?

Check, Check And.. Check!

If you want to know more about the National Parks or the cities and islands, just click on one of the links to the right.

Mountain GorillaChimpanzeeGolden MonkeyLionCheetahAfrican LeopardBlack and White RhinosAfrican Bush ElephantCape BuffaloNile CrocodileHippopotamusUganda KobCrested CraneShoebill StorkGreat Blue TuracoRock Python

KidepoQueen ElizabethMurchison FallsLake MburoBwindi Impenetrable ForestKibaleMgahingaMount ElgonRwenzoriSemliki

KampalaSsese IslandsLake BunyonyiSipi FallsMount RwenzoriA night with the Karamajong Tribe

5 to 7 days8 to 12 days13 to 17 days18 to 21 days22 to 26 days27 to 31 days

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