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Entebbe is the first city you see when you arrive in Uganda by plane. Most people arriving at the International Airport immediately go to Kampala, the capital of Uganda, about 30 minutes drive from Entebbe. And that is really a shame because it is a city that has a lot of fun to offer.

Entebbe was the capital of Uganda until 1962 and that is reflected in the architecture and overall appearance of the city. The city has more than 100,000 inhabitants and it is a nice quiet and green city. There are plenty of cozy restaurants to be found, some of which have a magnificent view of Lake Victoria.

The town is also known for the terrorist stand-off that happened at the airport in 1976 which was quelled out by the combination of Israeli commandos and Ugandan soldiers. The standoff is famously known as ‘Operation Entebbe’. Most people only go to Entebbe for two things; a weekend at the beach or on their way to the airport, yet the little town has so much that you can do in a day if you put your mind to it.

Entebbe being the gateway to the rest of the world, its shores are also the common docking site for cruise ships that take guests to the Ssese Islands. This is an archipelago of islands floating on Lake Victoria that form some of the most beautiful romantic and weekend getaways for anyone interested.

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Botanical Gardens

In addition to Lake Victoria, there is much more to see and do in Entebbe. For example, a visit to the botanical gardens is more than worth it. These gardens date from 1902 and with an area of about 3 km2 you can walk around for a whole day. Besides the many special plants and trees you will find a large selection of colorful and sometimes rare animals. From personal experience we can tell you that it is a perfect place for a relaxing picnic.

Entebbe Zoo

The zoo is another place that is definitely worth a visit. The zoo started in 1920 and was originally a kind of animal shelter. Eventually it has become a place where you can find almost all the animals of Uganda.

Lake Victoria Swimming Pool

After all the walking around, it is wonderful to take a refreshing dip. And yes, that is possible in Lake Victoria but unfortunately you run the risk of getting infected with bilharzia and you will not be happy about that. It is easy to treat with medicines, but prevention is better than cure. Bilharzia is a problem almost everywhere in Uganda; Lake Bunyonyi is the only lake that is free of Bilharzia. However, better safe than sorry and that is why we prefer to dive into the beautiful pool at the Lake Victoria Hotel. Everything in this place exudes luxury and style, something that can give you a double feeling in a developing country. But sometimes you have to pamper yourself!

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