The Capital Of Uganda


The capital of Uganda is truly a metropolis. The enormous city stretches over a huge area and where it used to be built over seven hills (like Rome), the city now covers more than twenty-five. With more than two million inhabitants it is a very busy city, especially because people rely on motorbike taxis (bodaboda) and taxi buses (matatu) for their daily commute.

The boda is the means of transport that allows you to transport the fastest from A to B, but it is not the safest. Many young people from the village sell their land to buy a motorcycle. They then travel to Kampala to join the vast army of boda drivers that the city knows. Because of the many accidents that happen with bad (or just drunk) boda drivers, a new service has emerged; the Safe Boda. When you travel with a Safe Boda you know that the driver has had to do an admission test. In addition, the Safe Boda’s are numbered and there is always a helmet (with hairnet) available for you. We therefore advise everyone to use the Safe Boda! Just download the app!

Population – 1,650,800
Surface Area – 122 square miles
Elevation‎ – 1,200 m (3,900 ft)

Shoppers, it is possible to shop in Kampala but according to experts it is not the most exciting activity. The city is not known for its boutiques or fashion designers. There are a number of shopping malls where you can find clothes shops but when you go into the city it is mainly Chinese mass production that you will find. And not one shop in a street, no. Streets full of shops that often have the same assortment. Perfect if you want to buy cheap pants (for 6 or 7 euros) or a nice shirt. Not if you are looking for Hugo Boss’s last line, unless you do not mind if it’s Hugo Boos or Kalvin Clein.

Are you looking for a new smartphone and do you like gambling? Then Kampala is the city for you! The offer is overwhelming and fun; you never know if the device is real or fake. In addition, the question is whether they are new or refurbished. This applies to all electronics at almost all shops. If you really need a new smartphone or laptop, go to a big shopping mall like Acacia Shopping Mall.

More Info On The Activities

Uganda National Museum

Visit is the biggest and the oldest Museum in Uganda which founded in 1908, the Uganda Museums remarkable collection spans over two million years of human history. Enjoy aAfrican history cultures and treasures of Uganda under one roof.The Museum has different sections includingTraditional music section with the traditional musical instruments and a live performance is available for the visitorsArcheaology section with the parts of Stone Age and Iron Age where you will be able to see the stone tools which were used 1,000,000 years agoIndependence pavilion of science and industry having transport (7th car in Uganda), communication (model of the 1st telephone in East Africa)Ethno history with the things of recent history like the first printing press in UgandaEthnography providing the visitors with the touch of cultures and peoples way of lifePaleaolontology with the fossils aged about 20,000,000 years ago. Also discover the distinct species of mammals like Long- horned buffalo and the Indian ElephantOutside the Museum is the Living museum (Cultural village) that exhibits the ways of lives of Ugandans as it represents the whole of Uganda.

Baha’i House of Worship

Visit the mother Temple of the Bahai faith in Africa. And just like the faith it represents, the Bahai temple is no ordinary house of worship. Sitting on 52 acres of land, the temple is a unique architectural master piece. Built between 1958 and 1961 on Kikaaya hill, three miles North of Kampala the building is 130ft. its dome is a 44ft in diameter. It is a nine sided structure which represents oneness and unity of the faiths biggest tenets. It seats on a beautiful park like ground with lots of beautiful trees most of them fruit tree species plus flowers as well as a green-carpet like grass with clean clear gazetted paths leading to the dome. This park like environment attracts many people who sit on the grass and have a peaceful moment or hold picnics not forgetting couples in love who flock this place for quality time.

National Theatre Kampala & Craft Village

Enjoy the quality programs of music, film, dance and drama performances in the theatre itself, but most tourists are here for the popular, free outdoor events. Grab a beer and a chair and catch an informal open-stage jamming, infectious Afro-fusion grooves and, underground hip-hop on or comedy night. There is also a great selection of Ugandan and African crafts and souvenirs from Uganda and a good bargain.

Ndere Cultural Centre

Ndere Centre is the Home of Cultures, the center is built on 9 acres of well-maintained green, beautifully flowered walk ways and shaded by very mature fruit and other African trees. The rare architecture is a seamless combination of artistic creativity with simplicity that takes African forms, materials, colours and construction to unprecedented heights. The Centre is tranquility at its best enabling you to enjoy blissful artistic creativity of Uganda and African music and performances. The centre with its resident troupe Ndere Troupe captivate you with amazing cultural songs, dances and unique instruments from the 56 nationalities (tribes), weaves them with humorously informative stories and presents them in an authentic but artistically developed spectacle every Wednesday and Friday at 7pm, and Sundays at 6pm an experience not to be missed by the entire family. For international guests to Uganda, this is the best introduction to Africas culture and ways of life, and firm bridge to your own country and culture.

Kabaka’s Lake

It located in Ndeeba, between Ring Road and Nabunya Road.This Lake was dug out on the orders of Kabaka Mwanga in the 1880 as an ‘escape corridor’ to Lake Victoria. This is the largest excavated lake in Africa and among Kampala’s top attractions.

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