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Utopia &
The Great Reset

Utopia comes from Greek: οὐ (“not”) and τόπος (“place”) which translates as “no-place”. It’s funny, I always thought it meant something like paradise but when I think about it, no-place is a very good definition. To me it means utopia is a thought, not a place. After the thought the place might follow and now, more than ever, there is a need to think about that concept. How would your utopia look like?

The Great Reset
Most people might think Covid is the most important thing happening right now, but it is not. We are in the middle of a big transformation called The Great Reset. And no, this is not some random idea our world leaders came up with a few years ago, this has been planned for many decades. It is also not a fight for control because they are already in full control and have been for a very long time. We are just the lucky ones living in the time in which our system gets an update, but a very severe one. 

Yeah, I am sarcastic, this update will be painful for most of us; our new world will be one that is communist (but only for us normal folks of course) and they will monitor all details of our lives. We can already see the start of it with these Covid passports, QR codes etc and you only have to search for Social Credit System in China to get a more detailed idea of our future. 


Important Information

It is very important to understand that everything on this page is written by me, Thijs Brehmer. I have put this content on the Joeboentoe website but it does NOT mean the other two board members agree with what I say. They allow me to publish this page because they know it means a lot to me and I appreciate that immensely. We have talked about some of these subjects and they have taught me one of the most important things I have learned over the years; you can only share knowledge if the other wants to learn. In the case of the two board members they have children, a demanding job and maybe just not the same interest in looking at the shadowside of reality. And that is ok.

To really understand what is going on you need to invest a lot of time because when you find out something doesn’t make any sense, you probably think it is just a small part in a big machine that doesn’t work so well. The rest is still fine, right? Then you stumble upon the next lie and you think ‘hmm, another one but it’s probably just a coincidence’. With every new thing you discover it becomes more and more difficult to convince yourself that you are just looking at separate coincidences. Once you see the emperor is indeed wearing no clothes, your life will change.

Do Or Do Not, There Is No Try

Don’t Worry & Be Happy

People often say they don’t look into ‘conspiracies’ because they fear it will make them sad or anxious. This makes sense; when you start to figure things out you will probably get angry, sad and frustrated. Luckily this is just a phase, after a while it will make your life easier because you don’t fall for the indoctrination and fear porn the media/government keep feeding you. 

One of the things that can make you sad or frustrated is the reaction to your findings by your friends and family. Most people are either not able or not willing to look at what you show them. It does not mean you have to stop talking about these subjects but just be aware they are probably not going to change their ways or believe you… At all. To be okay with that is the biggest step you can make. You are basically telling them they are wrong and we humans are proud beings, we don’t like to be told we are wrong. So if you want to avoid negative emotions around you, the easiest (and hardest) thing to do is to lead by example. Just realize this is your life, you decide how to live it. Stop caring about what others think about you and follow your own path and try to love without attachment. You don’t own anything, not the house you live in or the love and beauty around you; you are just enjoying it when it is there. Easy, right?

Why Post This Now?

I don’t have to tell you that things are pretty effed up in the world right now and I fear know it will get much worse if we don’t stand up NOW. This page can help people who are new to these subjects and I will gladly answer all the questions they might have. We also offer a solution to people who find themselves trapped in a system they don’t want to support anymore. 


You being on this page means you are aware of some of the things happening in the world and I am reaching out to you, the critical thinker to help me. You don’t need to agree or disagree with all of my views and I am eager to listen to your view of reality. Regardless of me being wrong or right on certain things; if you realize we have to act now, join Joeboentoe and let’s talk how you can help us and how we can help you. You might want to come to Uganda and start or help at a social project but maybe you want to start one where you live. Or maybe you just want to talk and feel that you are not the only one who sees the evil in the world. 

But let’s start by talking about the things happening in the world a bit more. More accurate, let me go on a monologue.


Take Your Time!

Pause reading when you think ‘No way!!’ and you want to Duckduckgo or Google something. I will link to certain content but the best thing you can do is look for yourself and try to prove me wrong. 


I got interested into alternative views on history when I started looking into Israel (I was in my mid twenties). I just could not believe a country that was given to a people, so badly persecuted in history, could allow the existence (and expansion) of illegal settlements and the division of their society into two classes; class A (Jews) and class B (non-Jews). I wanted to understand how the U.N. allowed them to illegally build settlements on land that is not theirs, an issue that is still not resolved up to now. When I found out about the Balfour agreement and the Haavara agreement it made me wonder what else we are not taught at our history lessons. Simply put; I had learned many new things about how Israel came to existence and a lot about the U.N. that made me frown; all of it made me eager to learn more.

Allergies, Diet & Health


During that time I also started researching health topics because I was allergic to many fruits and vegetables and every summer I would be blessed with itchy eyes/ears, a runny or stuffed nose and a lot of sneezing. It does not make sense to me that I am allergic to what I am supposed to live in; such a pathetic example of a human being, I thought. So I decided to see what I needed to change to become more healthy. The first step was to stay clear of all flavour enhancers and this turned out a pain in the ass because they use them in almost everything! So no more convenient pre-made meals, no more sauces and so on and it immediately made a positive impact on my wellbeing. The next step was to avoid pesticides and this is even more difficult. Pesticides are freaking everywhere… A farmer sprays it, part of it evaporates and becomes part of the rain, that rain (now improved with a bit of pesticides) falls back to earth and eeuh. Imagine this cycle going on non-stop and you get a grasp of what is happening. Anyway, let’s not dwell on this depressing thought experiment, let’s move on to more positive things! After shifting to ‘all organic’ my body was again very thankful, I had more energy, my skin tone changed and I just felt so much more energetic. And even better; my allergies stopped bothering me and even my hay fever left me. Now, about 10 years after my first steps towards a better health through nutrition I feel better than I ever have. Of course, I am getting older and I can feel the effects but my energy levels are high, my thinking is clear and the airflow in my nose is unobstructed!


Dietary Advice

I was always taught that I should;

  • eat multiple times a day
  • stay away from fat (high cholesterol)
  • eggs are bad for you (high cholesterol)
  • drink milk to keep my bones strong
  • eat a lot of grain products

You might say a lot is still unknown about our body and that our bodies all work in a slightly different way (only a little true) but after researching these subjects I have found that following this advice will deteriorate your health and in the long-term make you sick. Yes, I can hear you scream at me through the screen; there are many studies done and you can always find a result to fit your claim! But is that true? It is a funny reaction I often get; someone accusing me of being biased against mainstream advice. Maybe you should look at the effects of 40 years dietary advice that tells people to go low-fat and high-carb and eat loads of grains?

As a last part of the health subject I would like you to look into intermittent fasting (I.F.), carb restriction and the dangers of so-called vegetable oils. I think most of the health issues we are dealing with these days can be solved or at least eased when people throw away their vegetable oils, start doing I.F. and restrict their carb intake.

Government To The Rescue?

Science, Politics & Profit

Realizing all of this made me question why a government that is supposed to look out for our wellbeing gives us dietary advice that makes us sick, sad & fat? And why doesn’t the medical world intervene? I found out the medical world knows very little about nutrition but they know a lot about medicine. You would think prevention would be the main topic in medical school but sadly that is not the case. Instead we get a medical system that is focused on pharmaceutical solutions to solve problems that could be solved by asking the question why obesity, heart disease, cancer and diabetes cases have exploded all over the world. The main problem is that two things that should be separate, namely the medical system and the pharmaceutical industry, have become so intertwined it is difficult to see where one stops and the others begins. To make matters worse our politicians are easily bribed and the media is nothing more than the mouthpiece of politics and money. Yes, there are a few honest researchers, politicians and journalists out there but they are rarely if ever mentioned in our mainstream world. An interesting subject to study when you want to get a feel for the problems I talk about is ‘cholesterol’.

As A Sidenote

The etymology of the word government;

From Middle English government, from Old French government (French gouvernement), from Latin gubernatio (“management, government”). Government is a compound formed from the Ancient Greek κυβερνάω (kubernaō, “I steer, drive, guide, pilot”) and the Latin -mente, ablative singular of mēns (“mind”).

In other words; they control your mind. I could not have said it any better… 

A Coincedence

It Is Probable A Coincidence

You will keep telling yourself that it’s probably just a coincidence; of course there is corruption, of course the government makes mistakes. This is how our minds works and especially in the case of conspiracies. I will get deeper into the conspiracy behind the label ‘conspiracy theorist’ but let me first explain how my mind worked in this case. By then I knew about many of the things that did not make sense on 911 (not how I think about it now), I knew we were being misinformed about nutrition, I had looked into Israel for a long time, I knew a little more about the shady side of the U.N. (allowing illegal settlements, agenda 2021/2030 etc) and I had come to the conclusion that our financial system was set up to fail!

The realization that our debt-based system is set up to fail was a weird one for me to acknowledge; I studied economics and there was (obviously) no mention of this simple fact when I was studying. I bet this realization has never even crossed the minds of most professors because they were indoctrinated by the same system that indoctrinated me. Right now they must start to wonder… Pay interest on your savings? Mortgages with negative interest rates? Debt ceilings that keep getting raised?

Government & Banks

Then to make matters even worse our governments depend on (semi) private banks for their money supply. These banks can stimulate economies by lowering interest and making loans easily available and they can bankrupt economies by calling in loans and raising the interest. And yes, this is how they have been operating for decades, even centuries. Have you ever heard an influential politician say the following;

“People, the way our government is loaning money from a banks does not make any sense when the government can print that money and bring it into circulation. We could even use the interest (if charged) to improve our economy!”

I know what many people are thinking… And isn’t it a bit sad most people don’t trust their own government to print money? It says a lot about the way they look at their governments and how we have been brainwashed regarding the banking system. I studied Economy and most of what they taught me was a lie; the private banking system/debt-based economy is a cancer on earth and any politician defending it is either too stupid for your vote and/or bought by that said system.

CIA + JFK = Conspiracy

Conspiracy About Conspiracy Theory

The use of the phrase ‘conspiracy theory’ was pushed into our consciousness by the CIA in the sixties. They wanted to weaponize this term to discredit people who were sceptical about the official story regarding the JFK assassination. Isn’t it a good start when ‘conspiracy theory’ is born out of a conspiracy? Very telling in a way.

As we see in our current time the psychological operation has had the desired effect. Many people understand that things are not as they should be, they kind of suspect a hidden monster in the closet but in their subconscious the same sentences repeat over and over; ‘a conspiracy that big can never be kept a secret’ or ‘ha, you are one of these flat earthers!’.

Lies Or Truth?

What I see as the biggest problem facing the truth community is that most people get stuck looking at lies instead of focussing on the truth. The truth is simple; we have created a monster and the monster is very sick. As long as we keep feeding it the monster will life; withhold our attention and minimize our dependence on the monster and it will wither away. Maybe it won’t die, maybe it will rise again in a new form; it’s all good. Because by the actions you have already taken your life has changed enough to deal with anything that comes your way. It is impossible to become totally independent; we have to adhere to the rules and laws that exist. We will have to accept certain things we can’t change but at the mean time there are many things possible.


Covid-19 / Corona

To start with the most recent topic; Corona or Covid-19. When this whole thing started I spent a lot of time reading up on the different theories on the web. Anything from graphene to 5G to vax-shedding and useless PCR tests (see video) and after thinking about it for a long time I have the opinion that what we see labelled ‘Covid’ is our bodies own response to toxins build up in the system. When I compare the theory regarding viruses with the terrain theory, I have to say the terrain theory makes much more sense. But to be true, I am not an expert on the field, yet I have many reasons to believe they are treating this issue the wrong way.

The vaccine is not very effective, not tested for long-term effects and last but not least; it can’t even be called a vaccine because the definition of a vaccine is the following;

“A vaccine is a biological preparation that provides active acquired immunity to a particular infectious disease.”

Yet we find out that you can still ‘catch’ and ‘transmit’ Covid after having the vaccine. This means we are not talking about a vaccine but a medical procedure you can take to lower the risks of dying from a certain disease. You can still get it, transmit it and even die from it but they say the chances of that are apparently lower. If that is true, time will tell.

Personal View On Vaccination
If I look at the small change of getting it and dying from it, if I look at the average age of people who die from it and the underlying health conditions they have, if I look at the side effects that are more severe than any vaccination in history and if I use my common sense.. I will not get vaccinated. This is strictly my own opinion and I don’t advise anyone in any way. Make up your own mind please!
Forced Vaccination
The thing pro-vaxxers always like to throw in your face is a thing called herd immunity and by not vaccinating I am putting others at risk.. So selfish! Well, that does not fly here. You can even transmit the disease after being fully vaccinated. That is; if it’s even transmittable because I think you need to take a look at this study of the CDC in the USA. As you have noticed I am very much against forcing people to take this injection (remember; not vaccine) and those who are proponents of it are dragging us into a time when we will get forced vaccinations multiple times a year for diseases we used to call ‘flu’. It will be a world full of needles, masks, checkpoints, sanitizers and scary news items.

The way I see it governments all over the world have used this Covid sham as an excuse to remove the few remaining rights we still had, get rid of the middle class and force people to undergo a medical procedure that has little results and many risks. Not coincidentally, they held a big training exercise just before (as they often do) called Event 201.

What happened in the last few months is that a small group of wealthy people have got even more rich by collecting government money, the lockdowns are the death blow to many small companies and censorship has been normalized. It is definitely a global approach and a way to understand this is when you look at the numbers. Uganda has a population of 46.000.000 and in a full year of Covid with curfews, lockdowns and closed borders we had 365 deaths. In Uganda every year 30.000 + people die from something easily treatable as malaria but now, for 365 deaths, we continue to close down the country? Bankrupting an already poor economy, children who have not gone to school for more than a year? No, there is more at play and this Covid thing is definitely revealing that all governments worldwide follow the same orders. What a coincidence, this just happens to be the next subject; the new world order. 

New World Order

The New Or Not So New World Order

Yes, why not. Let’s dive into the big one! To me the phrase New World Order is a conspiracy in a conspiracy. By terming it the NEW world order it sounds like there is no world order as we speak. Yet, after reviewing many historical events, reading many books and spending a lot of time thinking about it I have come to the conclusion there is just World Order. What do I mean by that? I mean to say the same group of people have been running the show since many centuries. 

It’s The Jews!

As with any theory there are always attempts to steer you in the wrong direction. Of course it is not the Jews because there are many Jews who just live their life without really knowing what’s going on. Yes, they are in a way responsible for the actions of their government but so are you. Judge them, judge yourself. And yes, there are many Jews in top positions be it politics or business & media but still; I think it is not a Jewish plot. It is however interesting to find out why so many are occupying the top spots in our society. I think it is not on merit alone and I feel that they are being used to play a specific role in our history, a role most are probably not aware they play. 

No Secret

Let us get back to the New World Order. If you Google or Duckduckgoooo this term you will find our leaders are not too shy to talk about it. They even seem to like to talk about it, from Bush senior to Blair to the pope. All sides of the same coin, all working towards the same goal. 

Question; why is something that is labelled a secret organization talked about by so many politicians. Just something to ponder about. The same with the term Illuminati, it is supposed to be a secret society but everyone knows about it through books, movies, music and other media. Could it be that they want us to find out what the ruling class is all about?


What Do They Want?

To be honest I am not 100 % sure of their end goals. What I know is that they want control but that one is easy; they already have almost full control. The issue is that these people are born into a culture and/or religion that is very different from ours and therefore it is difficult to imagine what they want. They probably believe it is their task to guide humanity by showing them what it is to be evil, materialistic and selfish. By seeing it around us, we see it in ourselves and hopefully we try to remove it. That is the only way I can explain it to you in a way that makes sense. Think about it, they use their symbols in logo’s, movies, press release etc. for us to find and investigate. 

I have been looking at the all of these topics for about 15 years now and I have learned a lot in those years. I now realize I know all of this because it was never a secret. Yes, you have to make an effort in sifting through the misinformation and lies but in the end all is there to be discovered. About eight years ago I decided to dedicate my life to helping others and to try to give as little as possible to the beastly system that tries to run my reality. All of it made me a more loving and happy person. When I look at it like that it means the conspirators had a positive impact on my life and because of that I am not angry or hateful towards them; I look at them with pity and the idea they might one day see the error of their ways.

Best Lesson I Learned

The most difficult lesson to learn is to love without attachment. Being a critical thinker you will soon find out most people won’t listen to your advice. Yep, even your partner, children or relatives will ignore your warning about poisons when a person in a lab coat tells them it’s okay. Therefore, love all and everything without wanting to control. Love with the knowledge it might be gone one day so don’t become attached but enjoy it at that specific moment.


At a certain point you realize how naïve you have been all these years. You see how this debt-based financial system is set up to fail, you have stopped  wondering why there are no politicians talking about it. You suddenly realize that the core of our society is rotten, completely taken over by a very deadly cancer and that it can only survive if we keep feeding it. It will even grow and grow as we have seen in the last years, becoming more and more repulsive in its ways. Just think about it.. Why do we have to be concerned about the following words; BLM, LGBTQI etc, they/them, cultural appropriation, Defund The Police, vaccination passports, white patriarchy & transgender children? It seems the system wants us divided and sadly; it’s working. Not because the average person is evil, no.. They just think too little of themselves to form an opinion about these matters. It’s easier to follow, leaves more me time (read Netflix).

Pink Floyd said it correctly, we are all a brick in a wall. You have the ability to choose which wall it is; the wall of your prison or the wall of your utopia. 

What Happened On 9-11?

One Conspiracy To Rule Them All

This conspiracy is one of the biggest yet one of the easiest to understand. Just ask any science teacher to explain to you Newton’s third law of motion if you don’t already know it.

“When one body exerts a force on the other body, the first body experiences a force which is equal in magnitude in the opposite direction of the force which is exerted.”

Simply said; when two objects meet the force gets divided equally between the two objects. This also means it makes no difference at all if the plane is stationary in the air and the building hits it with 500+ miles per hour or the other way around. The force on both objects stays the same.

The next thing to think about is the strength of 2,2 mm aluminium and the strength of a steel beam measuring from 10 cm thickness at the bottom floors to 6,35 mm on the top. If two objects meet, what would win? A steel exoskeleton that was designed to carry most of the weight of the towers and to withstand multiple impacts of passenger planes or an aeroplane with a thin aluminium skin designed to be as light as possible? In the real world the aeroplane would never penetrate the building, not even the nose. It would crumble like a coke can and most of it would fall down on the streets below. 

What Happened? The Age Of CGI

The answer to the question is that the towers were brought down by controlled demolition. What we saw on TV was one of the earliest cases of CGI, one with many mistakes. We see the now famous nose-out, aeroplane wings going through buildings, inconsistent shadows / focus and much more. Very conveniently the police and fire departments were running a drill that same day in that very location! After the first explosion they cleared all Lower Manhattan with the crew already assembled for the drill they were doing so they could perform their little show and demolish these obsolete towers that were costing a lot of money. Oh, and create a lot of hate and diversion at the same time, why not?

What we saw on TV was a show; the towers were empty and there were no planes that flew in the buildings. Most probably they used a rocket for the second impact and the one at the Pentagon.

But.. Al these things don’t really matter when you have the evidence that when thick steel meets thin aluminium the thick steel will always win. In no universe would you see the outline of the plane cut out in the steel facade of the towers. Realize how big this conspiracy is and you will understand that it is necessary to take EVERYTHING the media and politicians are telling you with a lot of salt. 

Organized Religion


I work with many Catholics and Muslims and the majority of them want me to become one of them. This example makes it very easy to explain why I don’t care for ANY organized religion.

When they ask me to convert I tell them this;

You ask me to become a Muslim but my Catholic friend tells me I will go to hell when I don’t accept Jesus Christ to be my saviour. Yet to you Jesus Christ has little meaning. Then when I don’t become a Muslim but I accept Jesus as my saviour, you will tell me I won’t go to heaven.

So it does not matter which religion I choose, according to one of you I’m always going to hell. Let us just forget these names for a minute..

Do you think God is happy to be listening to us discussing which name is correct? We are destroying his creation while arguing about his name and how to please him with stupid rituals I don’t think mean anything to him. I can’t believe God would be happy with that. 


Many Flavours Of Deception

Yes, that is how I see it, a big deception with many flavours. Our controllers know that we yearn for spiritual meaning so they give us their watered down, middle-men version. This does not mean that I don’t believe a person like Jesus Christ or Mohammed has walked the earth because it is very possible. It means they have incorporated the teachings of them into their religion thereby robbing the words of most of its meaning.

Have you ever wondered why the organized religions are so quiet about this experimental vaccine and the removal of our basic human rights? It is because the top of the church is part of the same beast. The same as how politics is made up of well willing but naïve employees the church is made up of people who just grew up with that believe. They are not evil, just a bit dumb and our controllers like to keep it that way.

Once you have found your personal relationship to all that is, you realize everything is pretty simple and that there is no need for a middle-man that is tax-exempt and that has a disgusting history of lying and the abuse of power.  


Moon Landing 1969

A Trip To Luna

I just wanted to add this one because it’s a golden oldie, like for example the ‘assassination’ of JFK. I was born in 1979 and therefore I don’t have the emotional attachment most older people have. Over the years I have found out all the top politicians knew the cold war was just a show to syphon taxpayer money into their own little projects. I have learned that the names they use for the rockets etc in this grandiose achievement have very sinister backgrounds and meanings. I have learned that the technique they may have used is the same technique a certain Stanley Kubrick used in his 1968 movie ‘A Space Odyssey’.

Technical Issues

If I just look at the technical aspects, I find it very hard to believe we ever went to the moon. Just think about how much energy it would take to keep the temperature inside the suits of the astronauts and the LEM in a liveable range when the temperature on the moon can go from 100 degrees Celsius during the day to -173 degrees Celsius at night, problems with the pictures taken (multiple illumination sources, layering etc) and many more small details that are difficult to get into here. 

The biggest problem with this conspiracy theory is that it is almost completely taken over by the flat earth movement (in my opinion controlled opposition). Let us discuss that one now!


Flat Earth

Globe Earth

In my humble opinion the earth is shaped like a ball but to be true, I have never been to space (or everywhere on earth) to check so I won’t say I know for sure. On the other hand it is known that the powers that be use these theories to create friction between groups. Recently we had the Qanon psyop, before that Wikileaks and way before that Watergate, the list is endless. 

Yes, each one of them comes from the monster we call our system. All controlled opposition and I have the feeling flat earth is just that. But, if you consider yourself an honest truth seeker you will acknowledge that things you once thought to be true turned out to be untrue and vice versa.


Therefore I suggest the following; once we have fixed some of the more urgent problems like the vaccine passport, the impending global financial meltdown, the issues with our food supply, the march to totalitarianism etc etc. we should have a serious look at the claims that the earth is flat. There are many simple tests we can do to ascertain if the earth is flat or a globe. Until then, let us not fight about it but focus on the main issues at hand. 

Now what...

The Way Forward

This was just a small introduction into the wondrous world of conspiracies but the list is endless. We have not talked about Sandy Hook, Boston Bombing, the 7/7 Attacks or any of the other ‘shootings’ or ‘bombings’ and it is not necessary. After investigating a few and understanding our economic & political system and the role of the media you should know enough. We have not even talked about war, this barbaric thing where our glorious leaders and the media have made many believe that sending sons and daughters to a foreign country to kill other sons and daughters (most of whom are probably forced to fight) to settle a dispute between the ruling class is okay and praiseworthy. And yeah, we have not even talked about other factors like oil, poppy (heroin) or just the divide and conquer approach. Another subject is our education system; we could talk about it for hours. 

Or what about the push towards a digital life? What about the way the media is confusing very young children on topics like gender or even disease? The opioid crisis, Ritalin etc etc. The list of topics is endless and it is the result of a sick and dying system. As Krishnamurthy once said 

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

The question you should ask yourself is the following;

Does this reality reflect me?

When the answer is ‘no’ then the next step is to see how you can have a positive impact on this world. I am of the opinion that a change can only come from a loving approach to our reality, to look at the ones we consider to be evil with a feeling of empathy. But we must stop giving them our vote, our money and our attention otherwise we keep feeding the beast that is destroying us.

Be Social

I left for Uganda in 2014 because I was tired of trying to generate change in the Netherlands. I had spent countless hours researching topics, writing articles, sending mails and talking to people I knew about our reality and I had to admit to myself I was not having a big impact. Even though this was a sobering realization it had a very positive effect on me because it made me think outside the box. I realized I should change my dependence on the system instead of trying to change the system and I understood this was going to be difficult in a country so well regulated as the Netherlands. I wanted to go and help other people but be honest; a poor person in the Netherlands has a much better life than a poor person in a developing country.

My mind was made up; I would go to a developing country and help poor people with basic things and it is exactly what happened. I went to Uganda, co-founded a recycling project, installed water harvesting systems and last but not least; I pay zero euros in taxes! Okay, when I go to a shop in Uganda some of them charge 20% VAT and yeah, let’s say the Ugandan government is not know for being very honest but… Who cares! It does not matter where you go, everywhere you’ll find the same corrupt system. 

My Offer To You

It is difficult to tell you what THE solution is, but one thing is for sure; we need to come together and talk in a mature way about our reality. There is no need for anger even though it is very bad what is happening. Joeboentoe can become a group of people who show others a different way of living and thinking. A way in which we work together and where we try to help each and everyone, not looking at what makes us different but what makes us the same!