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Joeboentoe Foundation

As a non-profit ANBI foundation, since 2016 we have been busy working with volunteers to start and help out at many different social projects all through beautiful Uganda. Come help with one of the projects or start your own project with us!

You can help with one of the current projects, sign up for a project that we will start in 2024 or help as a volunteer with a project for streetchildren and orphans of the Catholic Church in Masaka. You can also help at a nursery, primary or secondary school!

And finally; If you have a really cool idea for a project, you can implement it with us. We have the experience and connections so you don’t have to completely reinvent the wheel.

Current Projects

To give you an idea of our work, below is an overview of our current projects and those for 2024.

In 2017, we launched the Masaka Recycling Initiative with the Masaka Diocese to address the enormous plastic problem plaguing Uganda and create jobs at the same time.

Another project that we have been supporting since 2017 is the Rakai Women Project. Here we have built hand washing installations and helped with the start of a project where they grow mushrooms.

Projects In 2024

In the coming year we will start a training program for web developers and designers. In addition to the training program, it will also be a meeting place where we, one day every week, help local people with (for us) simple matters such as ‘how do you write a CV’ or ‘how do I find information on the government website?’ 

Another project is the clean drinking water project. Very simply explained, there are two periods of the year when many Ugandans do not have access to clean water and with the help of our donors we will soon have 30,000 liters of water available!

That's Why!

There are many reasons why Uganda is one of the best countries to come and help. There is clearly a lot of poverty in the country and like in many developing countries, most people work hard, but lack that little push, a little help to make their lives better.

Our founder has been living in Uganda since 2014 and the best reason he can think of is that the locals simply deserve it! They are (almost) all so very friendly, cheerful and with few resources they manage to get a lot done.

The final reason is that Uganda is a very safe country to stay in. The Ugandans do not look at us volunteers with envy or anger, but with a kind of admiration and gratitude that we travel all the way to Uganda to help them.

Let's Call / Mail / Chat

You probably have a lot of questions and you should; There is quite a bit involved in helping with one of our projects.

But let’s start at the beginning; Fill in your details and we will contact you. If necessary, we can schedule a (video) call to get to know each other better.

You can also contact us via WhatsApp


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