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We Are Joeboentoe

Joeboentoe (Juu-buun-too) is a non-profit organisation founded on the desire to feel useful. We profoundly believe in the power of sharing and co-creating and we are convinced that every problem can be solved by communicating, caring and working together.

This Is What We Do

Our main focus is helping people in developing countries. We do this through our approach to volunteering called Skillswap and our food & skills Agro Aquaponics Project. As one way of generating income for these projects we provide people with the opportunity to help by going on a Social Safari!

What? Helping by going on a safari? Yes you can!

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We Are Proud Supporters Of

EcoBrixs,  a plastic recycling project in Masaka that started as Masaka Recycling Initiative. We were involved with the start up of the project and we are very proud that it is taking a new direction. From 2020 onwards the plastic will be upcycled into plastic bricks on location! We are not the only ones believing in this project, just take a look at some of their partners and supporters:


Testimonials Social Safari

  • We had the experience of a lifetime! Uganda is so beautiful.. Thanks for making it possible, Joeboentoe!

    Martijn Pulles - The Netherlands
  • We had a wonderful experience with Joeboentoe. I had never seen an elephant or a giraffe upclose, it was magical!

    Tabita Mauch - Germany
  • This social safari was a very unique experience; from the beauty of the National Parks to visiting social projects. I would recommenend this safari to everyone!

    Anke Leusink - The Netherlands
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